DL Goldeye is a forage pea variety ideally suited for use in forage blends, cover crop blends and for organic plowdown purposes.  We selected DL Goldeye looking specifically for a forage pea variety that could offer the vigor and biomass of traditional forage pea lines but avoid the severe lodging and poor disease performance common to other lines.  DL Goldeye is a black hilum yellow pea with small seed size allowing for reduced seed rates.  This line is ideally suited to companion seeding with our forage oat CDC Haymaker or our forage barley CDC Maverick to produce a high volume, high nutrition annual forage for greenfeed, baleage, silage and swath grazing applications.  A major advantage of DL Goldeye is the 2-4 day earlier maturity versus other forage pea lines.  While other forage pea lines are barely producing pods when the annual cereal in a blend is ready to cut, DL Goldeye has fully formed pods with developing seeds to contribute tonnage and feed value to the forage blend.  For easy establishment of annual forage we can offer DL Goldeye ready to seed with liquid inoculant applied at pick up to seed in one pass with one of our forage cereal varieties by running them in separate tanks of an air seeder.

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