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Simply put – Mahony R2 consistently delivers.  This variety delivers top end yields through a range of conditions and is consistently easy to harvest.  In 2018 many producers have again reported Mahony R2 as their top yielding line.  Mahony R2’s tendency to produce clusters of 3 and 4 bean pods can really increase yields.  The maturity of Mahony R2 is ideal for our region.  In this challenging season we observed Mahony R2 to show noticeably less stress reaction in days of extreme heat and dryness.  When other varieties were severely wilted Mahony R2 showed little sign of distress.  Mahony R2 offers the ideal mix of maturity and consistent top yields for local conditions.

New for 2019 we are offering Bourke R2X – a Roundup Ready 2 Xtend variety bringing the extra tolerance to XtendiMAx dicamba herbicide to deal with problem weeds that glyphosate alone can struggle with. This technology may become an important tool if glyphosate resistant weeds such as kochia continue to increase in the province.

Bourke R2X offers tall upright growth, solid IDC ratings, high podding for ease of harvest and top yield potential.  The variety is a few days later than Mahony R2 but is early enough to find a fit in local rotations to spread out harvest and capture some extra yield from a few more days growth.  If you have a problem field with wild buckwheat, RR canola volunteer concerns or suspect glyphosate resistant kochia Bourke R2X could have a fit for those acres and spread out the maturity of your soybean rotation.

McLeod R2 continues to offer strong resilience to weather challenges.  McLeod R2 produces tall plant stands that power through wet spring soils with vigorous growth from emergence.  Producers note the easy harvest of McLeod R2 with high bottom pods.  IDC ratings are very strong.  Note the vigorous early season growth of McLeod R2 in this photo below showing no sign of yellowing from excess moisture.


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At Riddell Seed Co. we test all of the lines we offer to our customers by first proving them on our farm.  As an independent seed dealer we don’t feel comfortable selling a product we wouldn’t choose as a top performer for our own acres.  Most seed companies are continuously pushing the latest varieties they have to offer whether they have lived up to expectations or not.  Many soybean seed companies market underperforming varieties feeling they can’t afford to abandon a line even if it doesn’t perform to expectations.  At Riddell Seed Co. we feel what we can’t afford is to promote a variety we don’t believe in ourselves.  It was a challenging year for soybean production on our farm with most fields including our trial strips seeing very little rain.  The upside to these weather challenges was an extreme test of the material we were screening in both our strip trial and our seed increase fields.  Unfortunately some lines we had high hopes for just didn’t measure up and won’t be offered for sale but the challenging conditions did reinforce the performance of the varieties that we are offering.



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