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Simply put – Mahony R2 consistently delivers.  This variety delivers top end yields through a range of conditions and is consistently easy to harvest.  In 2019 many producers have again reported Mahony R2 as their top yielding line.  Mahony R2’s tendency to produce clusters of 3 and 4 bean pods can really increase yields.  The maturity of Mahony R2 is ideal for our region.  In this challenging season we observed Mahony R2 to show noticeably less stress reaction in days of extreme heat and dryness.  When other varieties were severely wilted Mahony R2 showed little sign of distress.  Mahony R2 offers the ideal mix of maturity and consistent top yields for local conditions.

Big Yield – Easy Harvest. This was our second year with Bourke R2X in field scale production. This product is consistently high yielding sitting at the top of the provincial testing charts for its maturity and has been our highest yielding line for 2 years running. Bourke R2X offers tall upright growth with high podding for easy harvest. With the challenging harvest on saturated soils we were able to combine Bourke R2X with our header knife rocked back fully and still get all the bottom pods. Many varieties from competing seed companies are trending to shorter bushy plants which we feel present too many harvest challenges and harvest pod losses. We have tested and abandoned these short low podding lines as we don’t feel they fit our regions needs. Bourke R2X maturity comes in 1-2 days later than Mahony R2 for a comfortable maturity for our region. With a good semi-tolerant IDC rating this variety offers the full package

*NEW* Big Yield – Early Maturity. Merritt R2X has limited availability for 2020 but looks to be a long term feature in our line up. This variety features high yield, very strong IDC performance, upright growth with good pod clearance and all the disease resistance traits you need. Merritt R2X was a late edition to the Secan portfolio this spring not making it into many trials, however it was a trial leader everywhere it was grown. This variety was 1-2 days earlier than Mahony R2 on our farm and showed a 1-2 bushel yield advantage. This variety showed no symptoms of IDC stress when many other locally grown varieties were struggling. With a full release next year Merritt R2X will be more extensively tested but with the strong showing this year we are confident this line will be a market leader.

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