Spring Wheat


AAC Brandon remains the dominant CWRS variety for Manitoba with tremendous yield potential, excellent standability, top level disease resistance and easy harvesting.  Other CWRS varieties and other classes of wheat can’t compete with the reliable performance of AAC Brandon.  With yields at or above those of varieties from other lower value wheat classes AAC Brandon offers the best of both top end performance and access to top value wheat markets.


Our farm produced a breeder seed increase of the new AAC Starbuck CWRS wheat in 2018.  We have evaluated many lines to challenge AAC Brandon for a place in our customers rotations but the bar was set high.  Many lines just didn’t measure up but AAC Starbuck looks to have the full package of traits and exceptional yield potential to fit producers needs.  Commercial release is still a couple years out.  We will have a good chance to thoroughly assess AAC Starbuck through a few more seasons of seed increase but our first year has impressed us.  AAC Starbuck offers a sizable yield adavantage over current CWRS varieties.  This variety offers all of the traits we are looking for including good standabilty and excellent fusarium resistance with the added advantage of wheat midge resistance.

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