Canmore offers feed barley growers a strong combination of end use quality and top level agronomics.  Canmore offers lodging resistance superior to to other feed barley lines and reliably produces a high test weight plump sample.  Canmore has responded well to production using growth regulators which can greatly ease harvest in years of high straw growth conditions.

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CDC Maverick is a 2 row, smooth awned forage barley with CDC Cowboy parentage.  CDC Maverick has very high forage yield potential and very large plump grain with high test weight. CDC Maverick is ideally
suited to lower input management and areas with lighter soils or drought conditions but will produce top forage yields under almost all conditions across Western Canada.  Compared to regular feed barley varieties CDC Maverick develops far more biomass and offers rapid spring growth to compete with weed pressure.  Our annual forage blend trials with forage barley, forage oats, and forage peas saw the CDC Maverick barley/DL Goldeye pea blend rise to the top in both total tonnage and feed value.  Find more information on annual forage blends in our forage varieties section.

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