Limited availability for 2021.  DL Tesoro is the new standard in zero tannin fababean varieties.  This variety is the highest yielding zero tannin fababean registered in Canada with a great package of agronomic traits.  Click the link below for DL Tesoro performance data.  As the North American distributor for DL Tesoro, Riddell Seed Co. will be working with the best fababean seed producers across Canada to bring DL Tesoro to market.  This variety has sturdy upright growth, ideal seed size for many markets, and tremendous yield potential.  While most of the available seed for 2021 will be directed to seed production limited amounts will be available for commercial production.  DL Tesoro is being released under the Variety Use Agreement program where producers can save and plant seed for their own use for a fee of $2.00/ac.


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