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Riddell Seed Co’s seed increase division offers a unique set of capabilities to advance high generation seed with the greatest of care.  From small line increases to larger plot and foundation level production we have the systems, specific equipment and attention to detail to get seed varieties to market with maximum increase and preservation of varietal identity.  We are your solution whether you are a breeder or seed company looking to advance your new genetics or a seed grower looking to increase a stock seed allocation to a more useable volume.  Our focus on small, high purity increases includes:  

  • Years of experience in pre-breeder, breeder, select, and foundation level production 
  • Diverse wide crop rotations to meet seed crop purity standards. 
  • CSGA Variety Maintainer Status to work hand in hand with breeders in variety advancement.  
  • Experience in a wide range of crop kinds
  • Dedicated small lot increase seeding equipment. 
  • In season evaluation and roguing services to ensure varietal purity
  • Small scale irrigation equipment
  • Specialized harvest equipment custom designed for early generation seed purity requirements including our industry exclusive custom large plot high purity combine. 
  • Small lot handling and storage facilities including safe long term hard tote storage. 
  • A small lot specific seed processing facility to maximize purity and minimize cleaning losses.
  • Experience in managing distribution of small seed lots domestically and international.
  • Understanding of management of customer IP and confidentiality processes