Bourke R2X:

Consistent Performance – Over the last 4 seasons Bourke R2X has stood tall and delivered through both challenging conditions and high yield years. Independent MPSG testing data backs up Bourke R2X as one of the best yielding varieties in its maturity range.  With strong IDC performance and tall easy harvesting plants this variety is an ideal fit for our region.

Hart R2X:

Big Yield – Mid to Early Maturity.  Our 2022 Hart R2X customers saw very good performance from this variety.  A few days earlier than Bourke R2X, Hart R2X leaves no yield on the table yet gets you to the field to start harvesting sooner.  

Young R2X:

Very early yet tall and easy to harvest.  Unlike most early varieties that are short and difficult to harvest Young R2X is a pleasure to combine.  Very good yield for its early maturity with extremely good IDC resistance.  Get your soybean harvest started with Young R2X.