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Consistent Performance – Over the last 3 seasons Bourke R2X has stood tall and delivered yield under challenging conditions.   Independent MPSG testing data backs up Bourke R2X as one of the best yielding varieties in its maturity range.  With strong IDC performance and tall easy harvesting plants this variety is an ideal fit for our region.

New for 2021 – Young R2X availability was limited but we will be having a few customers gain experience with it this season.  We are looking for Young R2X to be our early variety to get some acres harvested earlier without much yield drag.  We had no interest offering an early variety if it couldn’t yield and came along with the usual short stumpy plants early genetics tend to offer.  In our initial evaluation of Young R2X on limited acreage in 2020 the variety offers nice tall high podding plants, great IDC performance and impressive yield for a variety maturing 4 days earlier than Bourke R2X.  Watch for Young R2X in our demo strips and seed production fields this season.

*NEW* Big Yield – Mid to Early Maturity.  We only saw Hart R2X on small acreage in 2020 so we are looking for a more thorough field scale evaluation this season.  Hart R2X was right at the top of MPSG new variety evaluation trials and our own strip trial in 2020.  This exceptional yield potential is what has us wanting to evaluate the variety further.  Plant structure is nice but IDC is not Hart R2X’s strong point.  2021 will give us a better all around look at this variety with obvious top end yield numbers.   Look for Hart R2X in 2021 Riddell Seed Co. strip trials and in independant MPSG testing.

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