About Us

Riddell Seed Co. produces a diverse range of crops for seed purposes on 3000 acres at Warren, MB.  A large portion of the farms acreage is dedicated to producing the best adapted varieties for our local seed customers with the remaining acres focused on contract seed production of new lines for seed companies and breeding institutions.

Riddell Seed Co. specializes in early generation seed increase of new varieties producing many breeder, select or foundation plot fields each year.  See our “Our Services” page if you are interested in our early generation seed increase services.  The advantage of our early generation seed increase work for our producer seed clients is that we have many years of experience with a variety before it reaches commercial volume.  This helps us select the best lines for our region and fine tune the agronomic advice specific to each variety we offer to commercial producers.

Crops produced include spring and winter wheat, barley, oats, soybeans, fababeans, canola, corn, alfalfa seed, clover seed and several grass seed species.

Craig and Colleen operate Riddell Seed Co. in Warren MB with the help of our experienced and committed employees. They have two children—Maria & Hayden!

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