Riddell Seed Co. offers a full range of seed services to compliment the high-performance varieties we supply:

  • Seed Treating – efficient application of seed treatments to protect your seed investment
  • Inoculant – whether seed applied or granular we have the inoculants you need to maximize nitrogen fixation on your pulse crop acres
  • Blending – our specific built blender can gently and effectively blend our annual forage varieties into the custom mix best suited to your farm reducing the need for multiple passes and separate handling for forage blend production.  
  • Tote Packaging – our tote packaging equipment can rapidly fill totes with any of our seed varieties if bulk seed pickup doesn’t fit your seeding operations.  
  • Financing – we have the financing options you need to secure the seed you need and time payment to your cash flow situation.  We offer Scotia Bank Yield More Financing on all of our seed and specific interest free finance options from our corn seed brand partners.
  • Seed Increase Services – explore the “Breeders, Seed Companies, and Seed Grower” side of our website for our unique seed increase capabilities.