Riddell Seed Co. is proud to offer Pride Seeds and Horizon brand corn seed to our clients.  These brands offer top performing hybrids tailored to your farms specific corn production needs whether you are looking for a high yielding grain hybrid, top end silage performance, or grazing corn options.  We continuously evaluate the latest grain hybrids on our own farm to ensure we are selling the hybrids fit for our area. 

Our picks for 2023:

Grain Corn – Pride A3979G2 RIB – 

this 72-day grain hybrid has yielded well above any other variety we grew the last two seasons.  An excellent variety for harvest management with good dry down and the heaviest test weight we have seen on our farm.  Book early – this is a very popular line growers go back to once grown on their farms. 

Short Season Silage – AS1017RR EDF –

silage specific hybrid from Pride with the Easily Digestible Fibre (EDF) trait will get your silage harvest started early.  This variety will produce the big silage tonnage you need with great feed value as well.  

Mid Season Silage – Horizon HZ675 – Big tonnage, high feed value, competitive seed pricing.  A long-time proven performer for silage tonnage with the feed value you need.  Don’t let other seed companies sell you a standard grain hybrid that won’t fill your feed bunk.

Call us to discuss Pride Seeds and Horizon corn seed early booking and early pay discounts.  Corn seed financing available through Canterra Seeds, Horizon and Scotia Bank Yield More Financing.