AAC Douglas:

This high yielding milling oat has the standability and resistance to shattering needed for an efficient harvest whether straight cut or swathed.  With good milling quality and a step up in yield we have transitioned our milling oat seed production to this strong new performer.  While shorter than other new oat lines AAC Douglas follows the trend of recent high yield oat lines trending to be taller.  Our research using growth regulators on AAC Douglas produced a significant reduction in height, a gain in yield, improved standability, and no change in maturity.   Application of Moddus growth regulator in 2022 resulted in a height reduction of 10 inches and a significant increase in harvest speed

CDC Haymaker:

CDC Haymaker is a forage oat line that offers a BIG biomass advantage versus milling oat varieties.   CDC Haymaker produces huge leaves and thick stems to deliver impressive forage tonnage. Growers have been finding success with CDC Haymaker in greenfeed, silage, and swath grazing applications both grown alone or in a forage blend.  Blending service available for those looking for a ready to seed CDC Haymaker/Forage Pea blend.