Forage Varieties

maverick barley

CDC Haymaker

CDC Haymaker is a forage oat line that offers a BIG biomass advantage versus milling oat varieties.   CDC Haymaker produces huge leaves and thick stems to deliver impressive forage tonnage.  This variety has rapid spring growth to fill in quick and shade out weeds.  Growers have been finding success with CDC Haymaker in greenfeed, silage, and swath grazing applications both grown alone or in a forage blend.  Blending service available for those looking for a ready to seed CDC Haymaker/Forage Pea blend.

AB Advantage

our new forage barley variety for 2023.  AB Advantage offers the smooth awned trait cattle feeders desire with thick vigorous growth to produce big forage tonnage.  Unlike other forage barley varieties AB Advantage also provides high grain yield and test weight should producers want to harvest some for grain.  Blending service available for those looking for a ready to seed AB Advantage/Forage Pea blend.

CDC Lewochko

CDC Lewochko is a mid maturity yellow pea with a good fit as a forage pea.  With good vine length and upright growth, we have found it to work as well as any “forage only” pea without the drawback of low grain yield driving up seed cost.  What often matters most in a forage pea is a tough seed coat to retain germination through the impact of blending or not so gentle seed handling.  CDC Lewochko has excellent seed breakage resistance to maintain germination all the way until it is in the ground.  Try some CDC Lewochko with one of our forage cereals to bump up the feed value and palatability of your feed.